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Pebble Printer OS Compatibility

  • Monochrome Single Color Printing
  • Prints one side per pass
  • Encode High or Low Corsivity Magnetic Stripes (Mag Stripes) * Optional
  • Line mode for text, bar code, graphic and logo printing or diffusion mode for photo printing
  • 150 cards/hour in full color
  • Up to 1000 cards /hour monochrome
  • 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm)
  • Color dye sublimation and
    monochrome thermal printing

Ideal for:

  • Personalizing Textual Information and Photos on PrePrinted Plastic Cards
  • Printing Entire Cards full color or single color
  • Most Economical Full Color Plastic Card Printer
  • PVC ID Badge Printing
  • Shorter Run Plastic Card Print jobs.

In a strong position after its 4 years in existence, the Pebble changes line, gains in power and performance and achieves an unbeatable finish. With a quality/price ratio that outdoes all competition, the Pebble is displayed as the reference single face color printer on the market. Powerful, easy-to-use and cost effective, the Pebble color printer personalizes and encodes all your plastic cards: identification, security, loyalty and leisure badges.

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